Entrepreneur Line

Start your business with a minimal investment

$29.99 USD

Monthly payment

  • 50 Accounts
  • Unlimited listeners
  • 128Kbps Maximum Bitrate
  • 1TB of Bandwidth
  • 20GB Storage for AutoDJ

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Professional Line

Boost your profits by expanding your business

$49.99 USD

Monthly payment

  • 75 Accounts
  • Unlimited listeners
  • 128Kbps Maximum Bitrate
  • 2TB of Bandwidth
  • 40GB Storage for AutoDJ


Advanced Line

Better options to achieve profitability

$69.99 USD

Monthly payment

  • 120 Accounts
  • Unlimited listeners
  • 256Kbps Maximum Bitrate
  • 4TB of Bandwidth
  • 60GB Storage for AutoDJ


Expert Line

Power up your business with new markets

$74.99 USD

Monthly payment

  • 200 Accounts
  • Unlimited listeners
  • 320Kbps Maximum Bitrate
  • 6TB of Bandwidth
  • 100GB Storage for AutoDJ


Save up to 30% with our services

By hiring the long-term service, you will find better rates

Why choose us?

Not only do we offer a streaming service, but we also provide competitive advantages to our customers for their business and they are represented in:

Forget about managing a technical platform and wasting time on it. Focus your efforts on commercial scenarios that benefit you and we will take care of the rest.

Our platforms are monitored 24/7, which allows us to foresee and avoid any type of incident associated with the service. With this we guarantee a stable and safe service.

All servers are configured in a transparent way for the client which allows you to market our services with your own brand and graphic scheme (own logo)

The configuration of the contracted services is done automatically and immediately, which will allow you to reduce the delivery times of services to your customers

Promise to our customers

Our commitment is you – We want to accompany you in your sales process!

Tools for your commercial management

Our company will provide you with various tools that will allow you to carry out your business management in a simple and efficient way. Learn more about the tools we put at your disposal.

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Why use a reseller?

Knowing a business in detail is synonymous with success. We are professionals in Web Services and your success is guaranteed with us

A reseller is a distributor of services. In this case we offer the possibility to resell our streaming service directly to its customers.

The advantage of offering a service like this is that it does not require heavy financial investments, nor do you need specialist engineers in server management and you should not waste any additional costs. You should focus your efforts on getting new customers through a strong trading scheme.

By contracting our service, we guarantee that you will acquire a solid and reliable service, backed by a company that has many years of experience in the environment of managing Web services and the commercialization of services of this type.

We also own our servers and infrastructure, this allows us to have everything controlled and we can guarantee you the highest UPTIME times of the service.

The hardware of each machine and the configurations made by our technical staff allows to cover the processing requirements that the streaming service requires.

This is reflected to our customers in quality services, without overlays and without system crashes. Thanks to this we can offer affordable and very competitive prices compared to other suppliers. CentovaCast.com has its own servers and different ranges to offer its service.

White brand means that in the services we are going to provide you there will be no record of what your provider is.

This is useful for those customers who want to maintain the operation of the service they offer to their customers anonymous. Our streaming platform allows you to upload your own logo on the streaming control panel. So it will always be your company who offers the service.

Create a suite of products to offer

The Streaming audio service has particular characteristics: Number of listeners, space for AutoDj, maximum quality, etc. Create plans based on these characteristics.

Determine a price for each one of them

Generated a market study that allows you to identify the price of each plan to offer, looking for profitability for your business

Create banners on your website alluding to the service

Generate advertising graphic schemes that allow you to identify your visitors that offer a Streaming service and that will be very useful for your Web projects.

Generate Web marketing campaigns to promote your service

Get customers through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Visitor traffic will be high and you will be able to get many new customers

Take your Reseller Streaming business to another level!

It is key in any business to have suppliers that provide quality services and work hand in hand with their customers. We assure you that when hiring our services, you will be making the best commercial decision

Feedback from our service

Previously I had different providers for streaming but I had problems with them and I never got answers. I now contract all my services on CentovaCast.com and I did not have problems of any kind ever again. Recommended!

Pedro Antonio Velásquez CEO

Reseller providers are many, but I recommend 100% CentovaCast.com since its servers have always worked great. I have not had any outages in the signal or anything like that

Juan Camilo Rodriguez Business Owner of Web Hosting Services

I used the CentovaCast services for streaming radio and I have not had any problems with the service. Plans are economic and always work well

Diana Marcela Jimenez Web Administrator
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