Reseller / Audio Streaming Reseller

You’re going to make a good decision! – Our Reseller / Audio Streaming Reseller services are stable, economical and reliable. They are also a great solution for those companies that have more than one radio station. It’s as easy as starting to create an account from the control panel and start reselling it!

The Best of is for you

By hiring Reseller / Audio Streaming Reseller service you will get the following advantages

Offer a White Brand Service

In the control panel of the system will appear its own logo and the name of server will be shown in a generic way. This way we can guarantee that your customer will not know the existence of your supplier.

Broadcast in High Quality

Our plans are designed so that you can offer your customers a high quality broadcast (HD), which is very appealing to them.

Design Your Own Plans

From the control panel you can create your own streaming plans to offer to your customers, personalizing all the features that an audio streaming has associated.

Acquire the service Immediately

All orders are delivered immediately and automatically after the payment has been made. Start selling right now and enjoy the success of your Streaming business!

Promote Diverse Technologies

The configurations of the server allow to have emissions with diverse technologies: ShoutCast (V1 and V2) and IceCast (icescc and LiquidSoap). Offer your customers multiple choices!

Stop Worrying about Technical Issues

Our team of professionals will be in charge of maintaining a quality service, without problems of operation and with the adequate information backups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the meaning of Reseller?

Reseller on the Web is a synonym for Service Distributor. In this case you would be distributing Streaming services to your own customers, with your own plans and your own brand. We take care of the maintenance of the server, the licenses and the infrastructure associated with the service.

Can I set up my own plans?

Yes! – From the control panel delivered (Centova) you can create your own plans to offer your customers, modifying the characteristics of each of them: Bitrate, disk space, autoDj function, space for autoDj, Amount of listeners, width of band, etc..

Does your logo appear on the control panel?

No! – You load your company logo yourself and it appears on the Centova control panel. The names of the servers do not mention our company either. This guarantees that the service is 100% white brand.

How do I create my user accounts?

Through the assigned control panel, you can create the accounts of your users by entering some basic data. Our system allows you to create templates for each of the plans, thus facilitating the creation of accounts for your customers.

What control panel do I receive if I contract the service?

We deliver the Centova control panel in the latest stable and available version. The version update and other tasks are on our account.

What are the enabled means of payment?

You can contract the service with Paypal, you can pay with your Visa or MasterCard credit card and you can also use the secure network of PSE Payments.

Payment methods

We have several payment gateways for you to purchase our service!

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